Offshore possibilities

  • Off-shore telemarketing
    • The term “off-shoring” is defined as the relocation by a company of a business process from one country to another. Most often the main factor considered when hiring work to be done by an outside telemarketing call center service is the lower cost of operations in the new location.
    • A company is always looking for the most cost effective way to do business. Off-shore telemarketing services are as much as 75% less expensive than using local on-shore services.
    • Off-shore telemarketing call center services can provide all the same services as an on-shore telemarketing call center service.
    • An important consideration when using off-shore telemarketing call center services is whether the language spoken by foreign telemarketers in telemarketing call centers is a negative factor for its customers.
    • Off-shore telemarketing call centers have the greatest advantage for a company that is very large and has big telemarketing projects of national or international coverage.
    • Cultural concerns often play a pivotal role in selecting the off-shoring destination. For instance, French companies outsource to North Africa, where many French speakers can be found; India has a large English speaking population, therefore being the preferred off-shoring destination for USA and Canada companies.
    • Nowadays off-shore telemarketing continues to be a growing resource for American businesses. Offshore telemarketing is hot in locations with high rates of English speaking workers.